Having decided to breed standards, from 2013 all miniatures bred by the Stevens Family will now be Catchpuddle and all Standards will be Catchpool. (After all the puddle is smaller than the Pool!!!)

Chris and Lara decided to follow in my footsteps and Catchpuddle Shetlands was founded. Though starting with just two foundation mares ‘Mme d’Isle of Catchpool’ and ‘Diamante of Catchpool’ it is already finding success now with 5 home-bred mares.

We were very proud to have Charlie (Champagne Charlie of Catchpuddle) go to Olympia as the Shetland Pony Grand National Mascot. Where he was very well behaved and loved every minute of it. Lady Gaga his sister followed his footsteps and was the mascot in 2011, she has now been retained by the stud.

We have recently had success abroad with Tomos of Catchpuddle being on loan to Johanna in Finland. he has done well showing and is now siring foals.

Collette is one of our most successful mares, she is closely related to Bingo of Catchpuddle who has found great success abroad and is now in Finland.

‘Bingo of Catchpuddle’ was one of very few British Bred ponies to receive a premium in Holland in 2004, achieved a second premium in 2005 and has had an outstanding start to 2006 with a first premium! He is now I believe at stud in Finland. Well done Bingo you are doing us proud!


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