Foals of 2006

November 2006

Ulverscroft Empress has given us a beautifull piebald filly by Riccalton Gauntlet. (We think she may turn grey & white as dad is grey) Although very late and having to be in for the bad weather we are really pleased.r. SOLD


25th May 2006

Clyde of Catchpool

Annie of Catchpool has had her second foal, this time a black colt. It’s so good to see her as a brood mare, she was an orphan and with lots of love she has blossomed! He is by Nobleman of Catchpool our blue roan stallion. Sold for children to play with!

1st Gower foal Show (colt class)

He’s turning blue roan like his dad!

20th May 2006

Farrah of Catchpool

Camomile of Catchpool has had her first foal, a cream filly by Milday Champagne Charlie. Mum thought she was seeing double in the field, 2 duns with identical cream fillies!


Can’t blame mum for thinking she could see double!


Farah of Catchpool 1st (filly foal) & Champion Shetland Gower Foal Show

2nd & Reserve Champion child handler.

19th May 2006

Miss Mitten of Catchpool (Mitzi)

Kransit of Gott has had a grey dun filly with an eel stripe! She is Gauntlet’s fourth foal of the year, all girls. When you want colts you never seem to get them! Still well done to my boys and girls for giving us these wonderful foals. They say you can never get a bad dun so lets hope she lives up to Riccalton Andrew!


Can’t wait to have her in the show ring!

17th May 2006

Minerva of Catchpool

Claylands Celeste has has a big, strong bay filly foal. By Riccalton Gauntlet and she’s turning grey like him. Minerva was first in Gower show shetland foal class. In Gower foal show she was 2nd to Farah and Reserve champion shetland.(i’ll never live it down that mum’s beat mine!). SWWSPG show she was 2nd to her sister. I think she should’ve won them all but i am biased! yes she is my favourite!


10th May 2006

Molly Weasley of Catchpool

Claylands Little Fran has given us another filly foal, a charcoal grey foal that should go as grey as her dad, by Riccalton Gauntlet. She has now started turning grey. Molly was sold in Reading, I’d like to wish her new owners the best of luck with her.

2nd May 2006

Lily of Catchpuddle

Candice of Catchpuddle has had her first foal, a cream filly by Milday Champagne Charlie.


Candice is a proud mum!

27th April 2006

Mme Maxine of Catchpool

Briar Solitaire has had a large black filly with a star, by Riccalton Gauntlet. Turning grey like both her parents. She is very pretty and likes attention. Shown once in SWWSPG Show winning and getting reserve champion. She has a lovely nature.


Intrigued by the camera!

5th January 2006

Coco of Catchpuddle, Coco was sold in Leominster sales, I’d like to wish her new owners the best of luck with her.

Can someone tell Madame Collette of Catchpuddle that she is not a thoroughbred and she is a shetland! Is this the first shetland of 2006 to be born? Collette is a sister to Bingo of Catchpuddle (who has been exported to Holland and won a first premium this year!). Coco is by Milday Champagne Charlie (a palomino stallion who has been exported to Holland also!) so we dont know if her colour will change.


Maybe coco is too friendly! Loves cuddles!

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