Foals of 2007

24th September 2007

Dobby of Catchpool, Corriander of Catchpool has given us a lovely dun colt foal, better late than never!!! Dobby is a cracking sturdy little boy who will make a fabulous stallion in the future. Beautiful colour. SOLD

14th July 2007

Gryffindor of Catchpool, Claylands Celeste has had a grey colt by Riccalton Gauntlet, and it looks like he will be exactly the same as his dad! SOLD

21st June 2007

Cerise of Catchpool, Cherry has had a tiny filly foal! She is just like her mum and follows you around. Her sire is Tuppence of Catchpool (grey) who was exported to Spain. She is a tiny chestnut with a large white star. We brought her in out of the wind and she loves being spoilt! Cerise gets annoyed if she gets ignored!!! Retained


21st May 2007

Yvonne of Catchpool, Charmaine a black mare has given us another black filly, again this filly is very small and cute! Again the sire is Nobleman of Catchpool. We now have 10 foals and we are still due more! SOLD to Melissa with Lavender. I’m sure they will be very happy!


20th May 2007

Beatrice of Catchpuddle, Candice has produced a black filly foal. Candice is a chestnut (about 30″) mare with a flaxen mane. The filly is also by Nobleman of Catchpool a nice correct filly with lots of potential. SOLD


18th May 2007

Lavender of Catchpool, Camomile has given us a lovely black/smokey coloured filly foal with a dorsal stripe. She is out of a dun and by our blue roan, Nobleman of Catchpool. SOLD to Melissa I’m sure you will have lots of fun together.


Much lighter than the others not sure what colour she is going to be!(Although now she is the blackest of them all!!!)

17th May 2007

Ginny one of our best mares has given us a lovely piebald colt, by Camelot of Catchpool our black stallion. Very nice foal, will have a lot of potential. SOLD to Bronwen, I’m sure he will be very happy!


Little Henry of Catchpool

13th May 2007

Pansy of Catchpool, Kransit of Gott had our second standard born slightly after Fran’s she had a dun filly again by Riccalton Gauntlet. We think she will be a matching pair for last years filly Miss Mitten of Catchpool. Re-tained.

Dumbledore of Catchpool, Claylands Fran had our first standard foal of the year having a big strong black colt (who will most likely turn grey like his dad, Riccalton Gauntlet). I asked her for a big colt and thats what she gave me! Thanks Fran!

Dumbledore and Pansy are best friends and born on the same day!!!

5th May 2007

Little Syd of Catchpool, We had a black colt out of a dun mare and by our blue roan stallion. Nice compact little boy who looks like he is going to be a very friendly little fellow! SOLD to Bronwen, going with Little Henry.


Little sid is a big character!

26th April 2007

Little Vern of Catchpuddle, Diamante of Catchpool has had a cracking piebald colt. I’m alrady fancying having a piebald stallion so I am thinking of running him on already!!! By Nobleman (Snubby) of Catchpool our blue roan stallion with lots of bone. Now isn’t it worth thinking about keeping this cracking colt and keeping the cracking filly below for the future! Need to stop having these thoughts, unfortunately we have to cut back! SOLD


Little Vern is best friends with Little sid!

22nd April 2007

Little Red Riding Hood of Catchpool, Goldie Locks has had a gorgeous chestnut filly. We believe it is one of our best foals yet! She is by Camelot of Catchpool who is one of our smallest stallions. Has his show winning presence and looks! We want to keep her but sadly we sold her.

Complete poser!!!


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