Foals of 2010

June 2010

Joan of Houlland has had another cracking filly, by Camelot of catchpool, Carmen is a grey filly to mature around 30″ FOR SALE

Chives of Catchpool a little grey colt has also been SOLD

Mum’s favourite two cream mares gave her a colt each, one palomino and one black both by Camelot of Catchpool (30″black);




Black velvet of catchpool (FOR SALE)

27th May 2010 – Camomile of Catchpool

Camolmile has had a lovely square filly by Camelot of Catchpool. Not sure what colour she will be as she is a smokey colour but has a dorsel stripe too. Sold to Finland.


24th May 2010 – Tyrbach Daisy

Yes another Welsh cob! Daisy has had a lovely pal/dun colt with 4 whites and a blaze. I am very excited about this as it is our first welsh cob foal from Daisy.

23rd May 2010 – Candice of Catchpuddle

Candice has had a very sweet chestnut colt by Camelot of Catchpool. SOLD

May 2010 – Tara

Tara a dun mare from orkney has had a lovely black/brown colt, not sure what colour he will be as he has a dorsel stripe. By Camelot of Catchpool.

Mr T
Mr T of Catchpool, shown 5 times with 5 firsts!

Mr T of Catchpool, shown 5 times with 5 firsts!

May 2010 – Ulverscroft Northern Sky

Our first standard foal of the year, Sky has given us a lovely grey filly by Riccalton Gauntlet. I hope she is as nice as her sister Misty!

May 2010 – Honeypot of Brindister

Honeypot has had a cracking little chestnut colt again. By Camelot of Catchpool. SOLD

15th May 2010 – Thorneyside Miss Magic

Yes a welsh cob not a shetland – but thought I should put him in here! A chestnut colt with four whites and a blaze by Nebo Thomas. Very flashy boy.

14th May 2010 – Ginny of Catchpool

Ginny has had a dun & white colt by Niceman of Catchpool. SOLD

5th May 2010 – Colleen of Catchpuddle

Collette has had a lovely colt foal, lovely colt who is by Niceman of Catchpool (dun and white). Very pretty, and very friendly. Claude has been SOLD

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