Several trips were taken to the Shetland Isles to increase stock and a colt foal ‘Orion of Brindister’ was purchased who later became one of our most successful stud stallions. At the same time ‘Orgyll of Mousa’ – the last foal to be born on the Island of Mousa – came to us. No ponies remain on Mousa and Orgyll returned to the Shetland Isles to ensure the blood-lines were kept on the islands though not before he had left us ‘Adonis of Catchpool’, a grey pony with a black blaze. Orgyll’s progeny were of many colours but without fail they would all have blonde tufts in their ears. No need for DNA with him!

Photo Courtesy of Astrid Harrison

Although Catchpool shetlands orignated over 40 years ago for miniature Shetlands, Anna set up Catchpuddle ponies for Lara and Chris. We have decided from 2013 all miniatures will be Catchpuddle and standards will be Catchpool, after all a puddle is smaller than a pool!

Catchpuddle started with just 2 foundation mares: ‘Mme d’Isle of Catchpool’ and ‘Diamante of Catchpool’ and from these two mnay very successful ponies have been bred including Champagne Charlie of Catchpuddle the 2010 Olympia Shetland Pony Grand National Mascot. Tomos of Catchpuddle winning many championships and siring foals for Johanna in Finland. Also Bingo of Catchpuddle one of the very few British bred stallions to be awarded a premium in Holland in 2004, achieved a second premium in 2005 and a first premium in 2006!

Candice of Catchpool

The Catchpool Shetlands are spread worldwide now with many show-winners in Holland, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Finland, Poland (many of today’s ponies in Poland go back to Francis George of Catchpool), United States, Australia and more recently the Czech Republic. Our ponies are doing extremely well showing abroad and most recently Tomos and Camomile have won several presitgious championships in Finland.



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